Not at Night Series

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Originally intended as a one off collection, the series was such a success that Campbell Thomson edited eleven volumes and an omnibus between 1925 and 1937. In all, there were 170 stories and, according to noted fantasy bibliographer Mike Ashley, exactly 100 of these came from the legendary American pulp Weird Tales. Among the contributors were such greats of horror fiction as H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Seabury Quinn, Oscar Cook and Rupert Grayson. The books in the series were all published by Selwyn & Blount.

I now have all these editions in my collection with ORIGINAL dust jackets

Not At Night (October, 1925)
Not at Night
Paul S. Powers – Monsters Of The Pit
Victor Roman – Four Wooden Stakes
Mortimer Levitan – The Third Thumb-Print
W. J. Stamper – Lips Of The Dead
Gerald Dean – The Devil Bed
Frank Belknap Long jr. – Death-Waters
G. Frederick Montefoire – Black Curtains
R. G. MacReady – The Plant-Thing
C. Franklin Miller – His Family
Romeo Poole – A Hand From The Deep
Greye La Spina – The Tortoise-Shell Cat
Henry W. Whitehill – The Case Of The Russian Stevedore
W. Chiswell Collins – The Leopard’s Trail
Archie Binns – The Last Trip
H. Thompson Rich – The Purple Cincture
More Not At Night (Sept. 1926)
Not at Night
Joel Martin Nichols, jr. – The Hooded Death
B. W. Sliney – The Man Who Was Saved
W. J. Stamper – Fidel Basin
Galen C. Colin – Teeth
Edith Lyle Ragsdale – Vials Of Wrath
Sewell Peaslee Wright – The Experiment Of Erich Weigert
Donald Edward Keyhoe – The Mystery Under The Sea
Seabury Quinn – The Horror On The Links
Stewart Van Der Veer – The Yellow Spectre
Will Smith & R. J. Robbins – Swamp Horror
Raoul Lenoir – The Dead Soul
Frank Belknap Long, jr. -The Sea Thing
H. Thompson Rich -The Black Box
August Derleth – Bat’s Belfry
A. W. Kapfer – The Phantom Drug
You'll Need A Night Light (Sept. 1927)
Not at Night
Eli Colter – The Last Horror
Paul S. Powers – The Life Serum
Joseph McCord – The Girdle
Oscar Cook – Si Urag Of The Tail
Paul Benton – The Beast
Zina Inez Ponder – His Wife
Bassett Morgan – Laocoon
Flavia Richardson – Out Of The Earth
W. J. Stamper – Ti Michel
Seabury Quinn – The House Of Horror
August Derleth – The Coffin Of Lissa
R. Anthony – The Parasitic Hand
Romeo Poole – The Death Crescents Of Koti
J. M. Hiatt & Moye W. Stephens – Ghosts Of The Air
H. P. Lovecraft – The Horror At Red Hook
Gruesome Cargoes (July, 1928)
Not at Night
Lockhart North – Dead Man’s Luck
Flavia Richardson – When Hell Laughed
Edmund Snell – The Black Spider
Anthony Wharton – The Hunting on the Doonagh Bog
Dora Christie-Murray – Drums of Fear
Harold Markham – The Hand From The Ruins
Harry De Windt – A Celestial Hell
Dagney Major – The Children of Bondage
Rupert Grayson – The Man Who Ordered a Double
Oscar Cook – When Glister Walked
H. Thomson – Offspring Of Hell
Francis Beeding – The Tomb
A. A. Rawlinson – The Creeping Horror
Benge Atlee – The Green Eyes of Mbuiri
L. Oulton – The Padlocked House
By Daylight Only (Oct. 1929)
Not at Night
H. Warner Munn – The Chain
John Dwight – The Fates
H. P. Lovecraft – Pickman’s Model
C. Franklin Miller – The Last Laugh
Flavia Richardson – At Number Eleven
Bassett Morgan – Devils Of Po Sung
Charles Lawrence Edholm – The Rose Window
Morgan Johnson – Panthers of Shevgoan
Royal W. Jimerson – Medusa
Oscar Cook – Piecemeal
Arthur J. Burks – Bells Of Oceana
Signe Toksvig – The Devil’s Martyr
William R. Hickey – The Cave of Spiders
R. Anthony – The Witch-Baiter
Douglas Newton – The Trimmer
Rupert Grayson – Blood
August Derleth – The Tenant
Harold Markham – White Lotus Flower
Oscar Schisgall – In Kashla’s Garden
Captain George Fielding Eliot – The Copper Bowl
Switch On The Light (April, 1931)
Not at Night
Zealia B. Bishop – The Curse of Yig
Richard Stone – Murder By Proxy
Jack Bradley – Haunted Hands
N. J. O’Neail – The Flame Fiend
Oscar Cook – Boomerang
J. Dyott Matthews – The Tapping
Frank Belknap Long, jr. -The Red Fetish
August Derleth & Marc R. Schorer – The Pacer
J. S. Whittaker – Flower Valley
H. P. Lovecraft – The Rats In The Walls
J. Joseph Renaud – Suzanne
Amelia Reynolds Long – The Thought Monster
Flavia Richardson – The Red Turret
Edmond Hamilton – Pigmy Island
R. F. Broad – Bhuillaneadh
At Dead Of Night (Nov, 1931)
Not at Night
Lorretta G. Burrough – Creeping Fingers
F. A. M. Webster – The Owl
Geoffrey Vace – Four Doomed Men
Seabury Quinn – The Curse Of The House Of Phipps
Oscar Cook – His Beautiful Hands
David H. Keller – The Seeds Of Death
Henry S. Whitehead – Passing Of A God
August Derleth – Prince Borgia’s Mass
Flavia Richardson (Christine Campbell Thomson) – Pussy
Jessie D. Kerruish – The Wonderful Tune
Paul Ernst – The Scourge Of Mektoub
Michael Annesley – Rats
Richard Jackson & A. Edwards Chapman – The Idol Of Death
Everil Worrell – The Grey Killer
Charles Henry MacKintosh – Guardian Of The Guavas
Grim Death (Aug, 1932)
Not at Night
J. Leslie Mitchell – If You Sleep In The Moonlight
Bassett Morgan – Island Of Doom
Anthony Vercoe – Flies
Arthur Woodward – Lord Of The Talking Heads
Rosalie Muspratt – Helvellyn: Elivion Or Hill Of Baal
Harold Ward – House Of The Living Dead
J. Dyott Mathews – The Wings
Oscar Cook – The Great White Fear
Robert E. Howard – The Black Stone
Elizabeth Sheldon – The Ghost That Never Died
Flavia Richardson (Christine Campbell Thomson) – Behind the Blinds
David H. Keller – The Thing in the Cellar
Hester Holland – Dorner Cordainthus
Maurice Level – Night And Silence
Guy Preston – The Inn
Keep On The Light (July, 1933)
Not at Night
Hester G. Holland – The Library
Oscar Cook – Golden Lilies
Henry S. Whitehead – The Chadbourne Episode
Robert E. Howard – Worms Of The Earth
Flavia Richardson – The Black Hare
Bassett Morgan – Tiger Dust
Mary E. Counselman – The House Of Shadows
J. Dyott Mathews – Green Slime
Jessie D. Kerruish – The Seven Locked Room
Warden Ledge – Legion Of Evil
Don C. Wiley – The Head Of Wu Fang
Guy Preston – The Way He Died
Hugh B. Cave – Cult Of The White Ape
Rosalie Muspratt – Althorpe Abbey
Clark Ashton Smith – Isle Of The Torturers
Terror By Night (Aug., 1934)
Not at Night
Joseph O. Kesselring – King Cobra
A. Barclay – The Chamber Of Death
Merle Prout – The House Of the Worm
F. Bonney – The Flying Head
J. W. Benjamin – The Man Who Saw Red
Hazel Heald – The Horror in the Museum
Oscar Cook – Dog Death
August Derleth – The Metronome
Mary E. Counselman – The Accursed Isle
Hugh B. Cave – The Watcher In The Green Room
Robert E. Howard – Rogues in the House
Harold Ward – The Closed Door
Michael Gwynn – The Death Plant
Flavia Richardson – Behind the Yellow Door
L. A. Lewis – The Author’s Tale
Nightmare By Daylight (April, 1936)
Not at Night
Charles Cullum – Scarred Mirror
Barrett Willoughby – One Alaskan Night
David H. Keller – The Dead Woman
Oscar Cook – The Crimson Head-Dress
Gordon Chesson – Little Red Shoes
Zayu Konstanz – The Yellow Paw
Dion Fortune – The Flute Of Seven Stops
Hester Holland – The Scream
Nicholas Stafford – Mirabel Houston
Walter Rose – The Horror Of the Cavern
Jessie D. Kerruish – The Gold Of Hermodike
E.M.P. Inglefield – The Cossacks
R. Dawson – Grannie
Flavia Richardson – Empty Stockings
Oswell Blakeston – The Crack

The first three volumes were assembled as Not At Night Omnibus (April 1937.

Another Omnibus edition is Not at Night!(1928)and edited by Herbert Ashbury

Arrow books published three paperback compilations from the series from 1960-62 as:

Not At Night (1960)

More Not At Night (1961)

Still Not At Night (1962)

Never at Night (1972)

Only by Daylight (1972)

A new Not at Night Series edited by Stephen Jones came about resecently but have nothing to do with the original series;

Keep Out the Night (2002)

By Moonlight Only (2003)

Don't Turn Out the Light (2005)

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