Dracula by Bram Stoker

Archibald Dracula First issue - Printed on thicker paper without any ads inserted.
Second issue - Printed on thinner paper with Shoulder of Shasta ad but no catalogue inserted at back
Third issue - Printed in 1897 with Shoulder of Shasta ad and 16 page catalogue with no general date but from 1897
Fourth issue - Text Printed in 1897 and gathered with heldover sheet with inserted catalogue dated 1898.
Archibald Constable 1897
1st edition Hardcover
Doubleday Dracula American First Edition published 2 years later than the British First Edition
Doubleday 1899
1st edition Hardcover
Archibald Wraps Dracula Published in 1901 by Archibald, this copy is a very different edition from all other editions. It was printed as a paperback with a slightly abridged text and revised by Stoker himself at the request of the publisher. Stoker cut about 15% of the text, mainly from descriptions and conversations, in order to quicken the novel's pace.
Archibald Wraps 1901
Revised Softcover Edition
Modern Editions

The Motion Picture Version is considered dated 1931 in conjunction with the Universal Picture's Photo Play starring Bela Lugosi. I've learned of another edition similar to the G&D from Country Life which I need to find for my collection.
Grosset Dunlap Grosset Dunlap
Grosset Dunlap
Motion Picture Version 1931
Grosset Dunlap
Stage Play Version 1927
Rider had took over publishing Dracula in 1912. This edition came out shortly before the 1931 Universal studio production. The jacket artwork is by E.R. Holloway and is my favorite of the Dracula dust jackets. The Sun Dial Edition was published in the same period as the other 3 Dracula novels but portrays Dracula more as a "Man About Town" while the Rider dust jacket portrays him as supernatural. The Modern Library edition which is virtually the same as the Sun Dial edition.
Rider Sun Dial Modern Library
Sun Dial Library
1930 circa
Modern Library
Here are 2 nice modern editions of Dracula. Rider likes to portray Dracula as a menacing character on its' dust jackets.
Rider Modern Library
1946 Circa
Modern Library
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